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Pensulo Publishers Limited is pleased to launch the long awaited annual Pensulo Award. The award is an exciting offer aimed at picking out and funding remarkable book projects with potential to significantly contribute to humanity in different categories of literature. It is hoped to encourage creativity by authors and, thereby promote the book industry and foster literacy. This Award has been in planning phase for over five years.

We will start with awarding one outstanding manuscript in each category, and hope to increase the awards in the long run. The inaugural awards will be presented at the launch of the Zambian Music Legends book by Mr. Leonard Koloko during the last weekend of October 2022. This is because the book is the first significant independent work fully funded by us and meets the criteria for projects which we wish to be selected for the annual award due to their significance.

Categories include

  1. Children’s books
  2. Include Young Adult
  3. Novels
  4. Transformational leadership books
  5. Books informative on key subjects such as environmental sustainability, gender equality, building an open/tolerant and peaceful society, etc.
  6. Cultural books
  7. Business/professional books
  8. Research-Excellence based books

For a chance to receive the award, send your manuscript to between 1 August and 30 September 2022.

Also, remember to stay tuned to and the Pensulo Publishers platforms on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for timely updates on this and other important activities.

20 thoughts on “Publish for Free! Take part in the Pensulo Award”

  1. This is quite motivating to copyright holders. Investing in thinking deserves such awards as these you’ve initiated. I can’t wait to submit my works as soon as possible.
    Kind regards

  2. Thank you so Much for this great thought, such a great move, it’s so timely, we really needed this as upcoming authors, please keep it up Pensulo Printers, we need more of many Awards to come forth.

  3. Thank you very much for this idea for I have been struggling to find who to help me.
    Are you even doing it for local languages? I have mine in Luvale am in Northwestern province.
    Waiting to hear from you.

  4. Help me clarify something. Young adult, doesn’t it fall under novels. I say this because my manuscript under novel but its a YA story. Help me out before i send,

  5. Charles Nyirenda

    This is a pacesetting initiative. We appreciate it. Is there an inclusion of inspirational/Spiritual manuscript?

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